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I would stay away from the goodman all together, even amana would be better, As both are made by the same company, the goodman is the lower end, composed of cheaper parts, and less features. I have installed the ASZ16 two stage (which is the amana), it seemed to work well, the controls in out door unit, are a little un-reliable over time though, they do offer a good warranty. If you want the best unit, get a RHEEM. you can look at their 16 seer at rheemac.com.
Do you even read what you write? "Stay away from Goodman altogether but Amana is ok because they are both manufactured by Goodman...." Did this take an actual thought process?

Just what is unreliable about the controls in the ASZ16 series? Just how long do you consider "over time" since this model has only been out a couple of years? Why have I, who have been involved with literally thousands of these units, not seen any overall control issues?

Incidentally, if you used the proper air handler or coil for that ASZ16, it is exactly the same for Goodman or Amana.