ok...It seems all I have is Warm suction line problems this summer. Another tech went and serviced/cleaned a unit last Thursday. From what he says when he left pressures were correct and unit was running fine. Customer says later that night it was not cooling and there was not any warm air coming out of condenser. Tech went out of town on vacation and called me to check it out. When I arrived today, pressures were 10 on low side and 150 on high side. Of course suction line dry and warm. I didn't want to just add gas right away so checked capacitor for full charge and checked compressor amps. Both checked out ok. Added gas. Appears unit was completely empty of freon. Got pressures to close to correct readings of 65 and 275 (86 degrees outside). However suction did not get cold. Temp out of vents inside house only coming out at 76 degrees. Evap coils nice and cold but not frosting. Filters clean, a-coil clean, returns not blocked. Is this another restriction problem?
Why are the guages correct, did I just overcharge system? and if unit was that empty of freon that quick as of Thursday must be a leak in system. Couldn't find leak with leak detector.