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    Liebert Air Conditioners

    I am looking to BUY any Liebert Air Conditioners that are not installed. New surplus or used, all sizes, upflow and downflow. What do you have?

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    The company I work for has a 5 ton mini-mate split system sitting in the shop. We've tried to sell it several times. As far as I know, there's nothing wrong with it except being a little dusty.

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    Can you get me over the model #'s and year on the unit?

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    Yessir. I'll get them in the AM and e-mail them to you tomorrow evening.

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    Please provide a email address and I will send you pics of a used Liebert downflow I have in storage. Level 10, runs great, well maintained. Black Panels which was custom spec for the original owner.
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    Here is my email address

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