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    Trane Thermostat Temp Sensor

    I am looking to have a Trane system put in the near future. I wanted the Thermostat near the kitchen about 3 feet from the stove. Convient for me, but not a good place as far as HVAC is concerned. So I plan on disabling the internal temp sensor and adding one that will be near the largest return in the living room, on an inside wall, and not in direct sunlight. I was wondering if it is worth putting more temp sensor throughout the house? Maybe another in the hallway on the other side of the house and possibly one in our master bedroom. I understand that they will all average together to create the temp reading the thermostat will use. My house is a 3 bedroom ranch that is about 1300SF. Or am I better just putting the one sensor in the living room only? Also are the sensors sometimes put in the cold air return or are they mounted on the wall? Thanks

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    If you go above 1, they have to be installed in square numbers (4, 9, 16, etc.)

    Putting one in an air return will not work out well unless you plan to run the fan continuously. Otherwise, the temperature in the room that feeds the return could change quite a bit before the air makes its way to the sensor....

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    Thanks. So I could use just one? I may do that. I am worried that if I put 4 in there that the senors might not all be in good spots and it could affect the average temp. Just curious what most people do. Thanks


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