I have a Amana RCE36C2C unit that was put in last year however I never had it completed. The company that put it in went out of business and never returned. My electrician recommended his brother who does HVAC work so I had him come by. On the thermostat he had to connect a jumper from the heat to the ac because there wasn't anything connected for the cooling side.I had him vacuum test the lines and all was well until he noticed that the low voltage wiring outside by the unit was not connected. There were 3 wires (red/white/yellow) and on the unit there is also 3 wires 2 black and 1 yellow. He did not understand this unit and started connecting the wires. I heard the compressor come on for like a second and stop and after that, only the fan worked. Did he blow anything out? He told me that I would need a hard start kit. Is this true? The following day I decided to check to make sure my heating unit still worked and that's when I noticed that the fan was not working either. I then noticed that on the system board over by the furnace there was a fuse 'E' that was blown out. I replaced it with another fuse of the same kind and solved that problem but the compressor still does not kick on(only the fan starts). Does any of this sound weird? Thanks in advance for any assistance.