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    Question HP,to use hybrid/propane or electric strips

    I have asked some of this before, so please bear with me--
    New home construction, very tight envelope, (2000sq ft)
    single level on insulated slab.
    Home located in SW. NM. zip 88041--5600ft.el.
    Average days per year above 75:----153
    Average high temperature:92.3
    Average days per year below 40:----- 62
    Average low temperature:35.7
    our electrical rate is .13kwh-delivered
    our propane is @ 2.50 to 3,00 @ gal--today, and surly will go higher, at a faster rate than elec.
    So--I'm trying to figure out what will be cheaper to operate, I have both Carrier, and York to chose from--some say go hybrid/propane--what do y'all think--I need some input??

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    Hybid propane looks to be less expensive in your area.

    Carrier Infinity would be the logical chose..
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    I'd go with electric aux heat.

    Even though the heat pump may not handle the full load, it will still be providing heat for less then propane at temps below its thermal balance point.

    York Affinity heat pump is a nice choice.
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