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    HVAC-Talk History 2000-2008*/

    Ever tried the web archive? I was looking at the old days of HVAC-Talk as well as some manufacturer's previous websites, so I thought I'd post this here for you all to look if you'd like. Some sites are archived from the 90s. It can be slow, and not everything is archived; nevertheless it's interesting in my opinion to see how far things have come.

    Edit: Meant to post this in General Discussion. Would a mod mind moving it? Thanks.
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    It's been a quick 8 years for me. I'm proud to be member number 479, joined 8/4/2000. There are probably less than 10 active members left that subscribed before me. I have searched them previously.

    If you look at your profile, you are member 59,374.

    Todays newest member is number 81,474.
    To much work with too little time!!!!

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    Lots of memories there.Big difference of opinion on Puron/R410a
    ,then and now.Many other things as well.

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