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    condensor compressor odd cycle

    Called out a HVAC company to look at my system. the system is an
    American standard heat pump with natural gas emergency heat backup. This summer season when commanding cooling the condensor will kick on and run for approximately 5 seconds then shuts back off. After 30 seconds it will start back up and continue a normal cycle. After doing a little trouble shooting he found that the command voltage is dropping off of the condensor unit when it short cycles like this. Keep in mind that the fan going across the A Coil does not stop when the condensor shuts down for the 30 seconds. He thinks it is either the electronic thermostat or the fossil fuels kit causing this problem. I am just wondering if anyone would have an idea or if you have seen a problem like this before.

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    Don't allow it to keep doing so because you're doing no good to the compressor. As far as what's causing it, I'm not sure; I suppose it could be a number of things. You'll need a good tech to troubleshoot this one.

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    do you have a "saver switch" from the power company involved? I have had issues with them before. It could be alot of different things with the controls.
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    not sure about a saver switch. There was not anything mentioned about one by the tech. Also this system is only in its 3rd season. Worked fine last year.

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