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    Any thoughts on the Boair 5-Stage Filter

    Any thoughts on the Boair 5-Stage Filter? Is it really any better then the restrictive 3M filters? What's your opinion?

    How about the Max 3-Stage Filter?

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    Any Pros out there have an opinion or use this filter? I have been using one for @10 years now with good success. They are easy to clean with a vacuum and then a water hose. I just bought Accumulair Merv 6 pleated to use overnight while Boair filter dries after cleaning. My last Carrier AC unit was 15 years old and I just replaced it with Trane because of a freon leak. Compressor and all other parts were original. Located in South Florida about 8 miles from ocean.

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    Its an electrostaticair filter, They just charge more for it tehn other companies.

    To the poster that has one.
    When your filter is dry. After your A/C has been running for about 15 minutes, see what the air temp is out of your closes register to the unit with the MERV 6 in(presuming its a relatively new filter, and in near new condition), then put your electrostatic in and leave it run 5 more minutes and see what the temp is. If its lower, the filter is slowing your air flow, and decreasing the units efficiency.

    Duct systems not designed for a restrictive air filter, shouldn't have electrostatic filters installed in them. Can cause air flow to drop to much and cause poor cooling performace, or compressor damage.
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    Thanks for advice beenthere
    I just ordered a couple accumulair filters (12x36x1) from Odd size not found in HD. I'll try out your suggestion to test each filter when I'm able. I'd like to do what's right and keep my new Trane AC investment in good shape. I plan on cleaning that electrostatic Boair filter at least once per month now that I'm more knowlledgable about situation. This board has been a great learning experience.

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