I've been holding out on replacing a 1991 Eubanks 2 ton package unit, hoping that the SEER for package units would start to approach the 16 or 17 (or 18!) now available on split systems. But I can't wait any longer, so I asked 2 different contractors for their suggestions. (It's a side by side set up, and not feasible to re-duct for over under.)
The "corporate contractor" quoted a 13 SEER 2 ton Carrier, and the "mom & pop shop" quoted a 13.5 SEER American Standard variable speed 2.5 ton. Prices are comparable, a little higher for the corporate franchise.
I've heard some bad things about Carrier coils, but is it relevant package units?
Located in South Florida, wet but not especially salty.
Any thoughts or comments would be very much appreciated.