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    accumulator 5 ton heat pump

    I just wanted to hear about any do's or dont's before installing basically all the guts of this tandem system; YORK heat pumps. New comp., rev. valve, muffler, filter dryer, accumulator... Nightmare stories, tricks, basic advice.

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    This may not help or not even related, but on the lighter side of things

    Years ago I was replacing the compressor, accumlator, reversing valve at this customers house, The office sent me someone to help me lift it up and place it inside of the condensing unit, I made up all the connection and piping outside of the unit, The guy says, "Wouldn't it be cool if they could send that compressor, reversing valve and accumlator already assembled", I said they do, It's called a heat pump condensing unit.

    But anywho take your time and plan to be out there for a while,

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    Home of the brainless

    That would make too much sense replacing the entire condenser. They want to make sure I work for my money around here. I could joke and tell you that its a zoo around here, but it actually is a zoo around here. The Baltimore Zoo. Thanks again.

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