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    carrier question

    just had installed carrier furnace(58mtb100-20) 2 stage 93% afue and a carrier a/c(24aba342a003) 3.5 ton 13 seer unit. the furnace runs incredibly loud. the tech from the same installation company came to slow down blower speed (to reduce noise) and he said that furnace at 5 tons was oversized and causing a/c turbulence. he also said some things about the salesman being stupid.
    it blew out 2 registers, that were not secured very well.
    finally, i guess my question is should i get different furnace?
    i want the 2 stage.

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    The airflow on that furnace can be slowed down to match 3.5 tons. Just because the furnace is rated for 5 tons of airflow doesn't mean that's what it has to be set at.

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    Well, off hand that tech isn't too intelligent either.
    And the installers/start up guy should have adjusted ebeything.
    Does it still blow the registers off now that he slowed it down.
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    I would be suspect of anyone unprofessional enough to call a co-worker stupid. You can definitely turn the speed down to a 3.5 ton. If the velocity is still high at 1400cfm(3.5 ton) than you should look at the ductwork. You may have undersized or not enough ducts. Good luck.

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