Carrier 5T Heatpump system with a Focus Pro 5000 thermostat.

While the AC was operating, I raised the temperature 2 degrees. A few minutes the AH fan shut down (after the normal delay), but the compressor kept running, would not turn off even if I took the T-stat out of cool mode. I pulled the outside breaker, turning off the compressor. Now the system works normally: temperature reached, compressor shuts down, a few minutes later the AH fan shuts off.

What could have caused the compressor to keep going with the AH fan off?

Could changing the temperature setting on the T-stat have temporarily scrambled something in the T-stat that could have caused this.

But I thought the AH fan was turned on and off from a contactor at the condensor that also controls the compressor/fan contactor preventing the compressor from operating without sending power to the AH.

What would have happened if this had happened if I did not pull the breaker?

Thanks for help.