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    I prefer 40 gal. A 26 would be no problem. I just like the spare capacity, and slightly longer burner cycle when it runs the boiler to maintain temp.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    man stop heating your water with oil it is such a waste and shortens the life of your boiler. if you dont have a long enough run time to heat up your chimney and vent pipe youll condense your combustion gases and thats not something you want in your boiler and that generally happen in the summer months when it only runs for a couple of min to maintain water temp. and if you keep heating your water with the boiler dont set the temp too low or this could result in alot of short cycling. im not familiar with weil's burners but if it came with beckett replace it with a beckett. the reilos are designed to run a positive draft overfire and if your heat excanger isnt designed for that you will be in for alot of unnecessary service calls. my experience with weil is that they are very hard to get clean unless taken apart properly and their brush is used to clean it. to me it sounds like your burner was not set up properly if it was unreliable and now you have to replace it. if you dont fix the cause for the original failure the same will happen to your new one. id get a second opinion before you replace it and make sure they use a combustion test kit and measure the the smoke ,co2 ,draft ,and flue temp.

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    Unless your installing a Buderus....then riello is good

    But...if you going with a Weil Mclain Pin Boiler....I would go with the Carlin EZ-1
    burner...they burn clean ...with the Mclains

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