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    New Carrier

    Just had a 4 ton Carrier infinity 16 installed in my home. Everything works great except one room which is warmer than the others. How common is it to have to come back and make some duct adjustments to fix the problem? The one room is about four degrees warmer than the other rooms.

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    Typically the new system will not solve a problem room as described,unless it is one of the farthest from the indoor unit.

    Was this room a problem before??

    We find duct "issues" on about 50% of the systems we replace,so it's not uncommon here in Florida.

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    We've had cases where the homeowner had lived in the home for a number of years and hadn't noticed the warm room or lack of air flow until the new equipment was installed. Problem has been that the duct was either never connected or not cut open.

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