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Word has it in my shop that upsizing the evap coil will give you maximum dehumidification.
Question for you is: a 3 ton evap coil with txv going to work with a 2.5 ton 13 seer condenser?
I spoke to the mfg. and they said you dont need a txv with a 13 seer only the 14 seer. I thought all 13 seers required txv for maximum eff. ???

Now I am asking this question looking for real answers so for those of you who enjoy bashing people (you know who you are) please keep your comments to yourself.

If you are unable to fine tune the air flow over the coil, smaller coils remove a higher latent ratio because they are colder-less eff.-slower cooling. If you can fine tune air flow and can handle very cold air without getting condensation on the ducts, larger coils remove more moisture. Mainly because you can get the air colder without freezing. The negative of large coils is much more moisture retention to evaporate back to the structure during the off cycle. Most are better off not messing with this. The modern a/c has a larger coil with a smaller compressor. The current two speed a/cs use low speed on the entire coil. How good does that work? OK
Real humidity control is supplemental dehumidification for low/no cooling load conditions. Regards TB