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    Trane has an all aluminum coil, but you shouldn't choose a certain coil because of that.
    Chose a coil that is a rated match for your outdoor unit.
    How tall are you Private???!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by EatingPie View Post
    I was recommended this in another thread, but I didn't get any good info. Mainly dimensions and installation info.

    Do you have a link that describes models and whatnot?


    Just google York hvac go to Johnson controls then to homeowner section.
    You'll be able to find a dealer in your area. Hope this is helpfull. We installed
    York for about a year untill dist. change. The coil door sais right on it "coil coated with protective antimicrobacterial film" this ought to be the right choice for you. you can also get a mathcing unit w/ your home team on it.

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