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You can take you pompous attitude and stick it up your A**. While I am not a licensed HVAC "tech" I do design large scale photovoltaic arrays for business and commercial use to help reduce the green house gases that so called HVAC tech's have vented into the atmosphere over the years.

When someone comes to me asking questions about maybe putting PV's on their house to help reduce their dependence on electricity made from fossil fuel or to just help reduce their energy consumption I don't give them attitude and think I am better than them I give them answers based on my years of experience in the field that I was trained in.

I am not so insecure that I feel I have to give smart A** answers to people who ask questions.

Ban me if you like because I will never visit this forum again.

Come on Robo lighten up, It's not like he was asking how to convert his Furnace to burn Hydrogen or something. For crying out loud.