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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsubaki View Post
    He has a very common problem with GM's H-10 compressor, it had bad body seals during the late 90,s almost every one of them have leaked, it was a epidemic the problem was fixed in 2001 and later models. If Bill sent him where I think he did he will be in very good hands.
    I agree. GM had problems in the past (before the 90's) with ceramic compressor seals as well.

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    Question gm compressors

    i am a certified gm tech (do ac and electricla) i read this thread and am
    amused/confused . all of you say leave repairs you are not qualified for
    to a proffesional.we are not lining our pockets we are just making a
    living. we do not set the labor rates and our pay rate is a fraction of that
    rate which has widened over the years . also buying and bringing your
    own parts .ive seen a thread in another section of this forum and from
    most replies i dont guess you guys are real keen on us buying from
    internet and asking you to install. i am having a complete system done in my
    home and am leaving it to a qualified dealer .i dont want to work on my hvac
    system when i get home i just want to turn it on. i also made a post asking
    opinions on my install choice and this question has generated more response
    than my home heat pump question. by the way if you buy a gm compressor
    from a gm dealer and a gm tech installs it,compressor is covered by a
    lifetime warranty as is water pump,starter alternator.

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    This is the only good I see from having a dealer do it is that it's covered under warranty. Since I fix machines for a living, I'm a DIY type of person, because it's a hobby of mine, so I'd do any repairs myself that I can.

    I have had 4 head gasket failures on my 2.2L Sonoma and I brought it to the best/biggest dealer in town. $125.00 an hour? Techs get what, $20 an hour? $1300.00 later it's fixed. The gasket blew again after 12 months, and they repaired it under warranty. Then it blew again later and I had a local mechanic fix it for $700.00. Same warranty.

    I think this fix at a big GM dealer would cost at least $1000.00. I called about the compressor and they wanted $523.00 for the kit.

    I wanted a pin for the rear tire mount and it was $31.00, and $18.00 for the bushing each, which I need 4. GM parts seem REALLY expensive.

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    GM parts cost nothing compared to............


    I need a part for my dodge, I gotta sell my first born and re-finance the house to do it.
    I fully support the military and the War on Terrorism.

    If you don't know, then don't do. If you don't know and still do, then be prepared to pay someone else a lot to undo what you did and then do it right.

    If you do know, then do. But do it right. Otherwise, you may not be doing it long.

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    i did exactly that: bought a compressor off ebay and gave it to my mechanic to install and vacuum the system. then i installed the refrigerant myself. after i removed the fitting, the shreader valve got stuck! so i just put the cap back on and am praying. its not leaking but eventually i will need to evacuate and repair the valve.

    one point: ask for the old compressor back as you an sell it to a jobber as a core

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