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    Question Automotive Section?

    Is there an automotive section in these fourms? I have had to try to repair a few car/truck AC units and I haven't seen info here on how to repair auto systems.

    I currently have a 1997 GMC Jimmy that is leaking 134a from the compressor and would like more info on how to repair these systems.

    I am bidding on a new compressor on ebay, but I don't have many auto fittings and no vacuum pump.

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    If you have no vacuum pump.......

    then you have no chance of even attempting to do it right.

    I understand that you want to save money and learn new things. However this is not a DIY site. Read the rules.

    I would recommend you call around to local service stations and get their opinions. Unlike HVAC, its a little easier to take your vehicle and a new compressor into a mechanic and ask him to install it.
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    2. Do-It-Yourselfers - not here.

    This site is for industry professionals and folks seeking HVAC/R advice and knowledge. Please do not ask for step by step instructions on purchasing, installing or repairing your own HVAC equipment, that is our job and our livelihood. We are generous, but not to a fault. You guys think I'm taking away your business?

    Questions of this type will not be answered and may be deleted.
    Not a DIY site? Isn't this what the internet is for? Wow, I guess I will look elsewhere. Can you recommend another site?

    I will buy a vacuum pump if I can find a good price on one. I would like to do everything the right way, but I don't really want to spend $1000.00 to get my AC working right either. I'd rather spend the money on my education/tools instead of lining the service stations pocket.

    I have a universal licence, but I haven't been "in the field" in a while. I'm a industrial maintenance tech, but I don't do HVAC full time.

    If I can't find a reasonable price on a vac pump, I will do as you recommended.

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    If your 608 Universal, your not certified for automotive, which is 609.

    An automotive shop making money is not lining their pockets.
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    OK, that's great. Looks like I'm on my own.

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    Go here tell them Mr. Bill sent you and you will get special treatment.

    daveyt I took away the link I don't know about linking to other sites from here but my email is in my profile to the best auto a/c forum on the net.
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