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    Replacing system in Sugar Land,TX

    In my previous thread, y'all convinced me I need to replace my ancient HVAC system. Some of the good posts I've been reading are from Houston folks. Any recommendations for an installation pro in SW Houston- Sugar Land would be appreciated.


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    If you want quality and will pay for it call me I do work in Sugarland. There are several others here not sure which ones work in Sugarland.

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    If I were in Sugarland, first thing I would do is call out Classical and see what he says. I forget the details but some of his posts from long ago made me remember him as one of the "star" experts in my mind. I live in Fulshear which is out of range for some Houston area pros, and have not actually worked with Classical.

    If for some reason you want to go farther afield, you are invited to email me (address is in my profile). Will be happy to tell you who I have worked with in both Houston and Fulshear houses.

    Oh yeah, some people get irritated if I don't point out I am a homeowner in every post<g>.

    Best of luck -- Pstu

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