I am a resident, and not an installer, so I beg forgiveness ahead of time for lack of knowledge.

I am looking for a new coil, money is really not much of an object, but it must be able to handle a Single-Light UV system as well. I went the best coil I can find (Stainless Steel? Copper/Tin?), but here's my problem...

I had a coil replaced, the the UV system caused a severe plastic/chemical smell. My installer isolated to the tape he used, and came out to replace with a new coil and to re-tape. However, when he arrived, the coil carried the same plastic/chemical scent, though not as strong. It was also dirty.

He was told by the manufacturer to clean the coil, and then try installing. Since the coil was dirty, and smelled, and I have severe asthma... I am not happy with this decision. So I want to request a new coil from a different manufacturer, but don't know which one is good.