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    Confused Repair HVAC unit or buy a new one

    Compressor on my Carrier gas pack would not work. Repairman got it going but said it sounded bad and probably would not last much longer. Since it was still under warranty (installed 2000) the compressor would not cost me anything but the labor to replace the compressor would be $<EDIT>. He said he would apply the repair charge (<EDIT>) to the price of a new unit if I decided to have his company replace it. He said not to go with a Carrier (which was installed by his company). He said the commercial Carriers were great but he had to repair more residential Carriers than any other brand.

    1) Should I keep this one going as long as it will run and replace the compressor when it quits running? (<EDIT>total) And then hope that nothing else quits working any time soon.

    2) Should I keep this one until the compressor quits and then buy another unit - not necessarily from that company?

    3) Should I ask the repairman to take the parts out that he installed yesterday to get it working and just pay service charge and go ahead and get a new unit now?

    4) I have tried to read many threads on this site to get an idea about which
    type and brand to buy and have asked others to give their opinion. I am just so unsure about what to do. I think I have decided on a hybrid/dual gas pack unit. I have no idea which brand to pick. Also, I have read that the installation and service package are very important to consider. I don't know how to determine who does the best installation.

    5) So, obviously I need some expert advise. This is something I know nothing about. I appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks! Brenna

    Brenna, Please read the rules re' pricing in posts!
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