Now I remember why I never pulled the trigger when I was thinking about doing this a few years ago. This whole process is one big PITA. I have contacted 8 companies. Of those 8....

1 never came out.

2 came out, but never sent an estimate. (1 of these was at my house less than 10 min. I'm glad he didn't send an estimate.)

2 didn't even pretend to do any type of load calculations and just sized based on my old system.

1 did an "outside" manual J. (measured outside of house and did the "calculations" in his truck.) This was the one who must have thought his Goodman was gold plated or something. Based on his price, he was VERY proud if it.

1 that appeared to do a load calc, but did not provide it when he sent the estimate.

And 1 that did a load calc and provided it to me when he gave me the estimate.

So based on all that, it doesn't appear like I have a whole hell of a lot to choose from. I'm beginning to get a headache.