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    Question Condensing Unit Replacement Due to Storm Damage

    I would like to get some advice on selecting a new outdoor condensing unit for the purpose of replacing my two (2) current units due to recent storm damage. Essentially a tree fell and sending its branches through the condensing units but luckily not hitting the house or damaging anything else.

    The house is located in the South-East region of the US (Atlanta, GA). The home is a two-story approximately 4,000 sq.ft. of indoor space and space is divided into two (2) zones (first and second floor).

    The home is currently being heated and cooled by Goodman equipment as follows:

    First Floor - Up-flow Gas Furnace
    model #GMPN080-4 serial # 9508826993
    efficiency rating 92.0 AFUE
    cooling coil model #U42 part #15344-31 serial #9701008888
    Outdoor Condensing Unit
    model #CKJ24-1A (this last number could be B) serial #9701103167

    Second Floor Up-flow Gas Furnace
    model # GMP075-4 serial #9611838418
    cooling coil model, part, and serial # not visible
    Outdoor Condensing Unit
    model # CKJ36-1D (this last number could be B) serial #9703048842

    My goal is to upgrade the outdoor condensing units in efficiency as well as consider the option of upgrading it to a heat pump system with gas emergency backup. With this being said I have reviewed Goodman's current condensing units offered and with this upgrade it appears I would need to purchase a condensing unit, comparable cooling coil, expansion valve.

    Also, during my investigation I have noticed that the current electrical service requirements and the new units electrical service requirements are different thus during this upgrade process the electrical service (wiring, breaker sizing) will need to be upgraded as well.

    Any advice and/or recommendations that you could give would be greatly appreciated in what the best combination of equipment (condensing unit/heat pump, cooling coil, expansion valve, and etc) would work with my current Goodman gas furnaces.

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    Shouldn't need to upgrade the wiring for the new outdoor units, they should use less electric, not more.
    And yes, you will need to change the indoor coils.
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    Hard to get high efficiencies out of furnaces without variable-speed blowers, but you should be able to get 13/14 SEER--and maybe a bit higher if you play with the coil matchup. You'll need to know the coil and condenser model numbers to know what efficiency you'll get.

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