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    Zoned system no dampers on returns?

    Maybe this is just a silly non-pro question, but...

    balance the returns, balance the returns... That's all you hear when talking about non-zoned systems. However, my HVAC installer is telling me that on our new zoned system the returns (at least one in every room with a door except bath and laundry) should always stay active regardless of whether the zone is calling or not. To me this makes no sense. In the non-zoned world the reasons for returns everywhere is to make sure you don't over pressurize any area of the house, right? Wouldn't pulling air from a return in a closed room, with no air going into it create a slight depressurization?

    What is the correct way to do zoned returns?

    Thanks as always.

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    Don't damper the returns.

    Only reason for the rooms with closed doors to draw return, is if your other returns are undersized.
    Your supply dampers will have some leakage, so the rooms shouldn't go to neg pressure.
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