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    Movin' the AH's location

    When we change out (next spring Lord willing) we're thinking of moving the AH to a closet in my office rather than the living room. They share a common wall and of course a new return hole would have to be cut.

    Have you ever moved AH locales inside the house and will this be a bear to accomplish for my highly professional, professional?

    (Post Script) The reason for this is the return air is right in my wife's ear when she was watching TV and its POing her on a continual basis.

    Once aGAIN, thanx for the info ahead
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    Depends how hard it is to access the ductwork.
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    maybe you can move it to the attic but like Benthere said depends on access to duct work

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    Anything is possible, it all depends on how much time,effort, and money you want to put in to it. If you and your wife feel it's worth doing then I would say go ahead and do it, but I would base this on how long you plan on living in this house, if it's just for a couple of years, me personally I wouldn't spen the money on moving it. If this is your retirement home then by all means spend the time and money and be happy and comfortable

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