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I have been yapping about CO2 sensors but I do not think the typical tech will have one.

It sounds like you do not have AC at present is this the case?

A small dehu in the basement will make a difference. I used to circulate basement air in my old home in Canada through out the house during the summer. I ran a Kenmore 40 pint dehumidifier down there, it kept the humidity under 60%. Keeping the windows closed and the drapes drawn during the day kept the heat out, so it was bearable without central AC
Actually, I do have AC a 3-1/2 ton for 2600 sq. ft. but it only lowers humidity when OD is in 90's. Most time around here is 75* to 85* and humid. I push thermostat to try to remove humidity and end up with indoor temp in 60's.

The unit may be over-sized, but when in the 90's everything seems better. Last year I had two estimates and both say 4 ton two stage recommended.

For now I'm thinking Ultra-Aire dehu till the wife can be convinced, then I'll call someone else.