I'm coveting a two stage heat pump, but the wife sees too many $$$. (styling is more important to her than function)

My main problem is humidity 60 to 75%.

Therefore, I'm looking at a Ultra-Aire whole house Dehu until I can persuade the wife a new heat pump is desirable. (BTW Ultra-Aire sent a list of dealers most of which are far away). I figure a whole house Dehu will give comfort and reduce the need for AC till it gets hotter.

My question, I hear so much about indoor pollution and I read that the Ultra-Aire can be vented from outdoors, but won't that increase operating costs by bringing in outdoor humidity ?

I also read on this forum, that CO2 can be an indication of indoor pollution. Do most HVAC techs have a device to read CO2 ? I know they are expensive devices.

BTW Anyone see many heat recovery units with out door ventilation ?