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Thread: Trane CVHE

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    Mixing oil and fire with a big spoon.
    Quote Originally Posted by ej45 View Post
    Steeler Fan....What part of country are you from? I search you quads and it looks like Iowa.
    Central the late 70s (when they were winning a lot), i was 9 and so that is the team i picked to be my team...been loyal ever since.

    Quote Originally Posted by heavymetaldad View Post
    aren't we into the back stretch for 32?
    April 24 was day 1 of the ban. so is July 23, day 90?

    post 38
    "By Grapthars Hammer....what a savings." Galaxy Quest

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    every time i decide to stay away from the computer for a few days a real doozy gets started!!
    ed, a little fast out of the gate there, graham gives sound advice in here for quite awhile.
    it always amazes me that they dont have a bed side manners class for engineers, but i suppose they are only on jobs when they don't work and everyone is pointing fingers at them, so they develope defense mechanisms of talking down to us "tube rodders".
    we also sweep floors and wash windows.

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    Thanks for the back up guys but I think I figured it out . Its that stupid ring they give engineers for there little finger .As soon as they put it on its starts to cut off the ciculation to their brains and its all downhill from there,then all they can do is spout facts and figures from a book or sales brochure and tell everyone how wonderful they are and that everyone else is just a knuckle draging neanderthal tube punching wrench turning grease monkey.
    Ps Jay guy you rebuild flugger valves can you do a kernipter regulator for me?????
    I"m going to play in the garage now with my cars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayguy View Post

    April 24 was day 1 of the ban. so is July 23, day 90?

    post 38
    sorry, long week. lost track of the calender, (or is it my mind? )

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