Ok this is my first real post on this forum. i am certified in 410, but havnt been in the field for awhile. This is a super new 40,000 btu mini split, with dc inverter. So heres the run down. leak checked the system up to 600psi. evacuated it. everything good. it has 50 foot line set 100 foot total. opened up the king valves. put it to test run and ran for ten minutes no problems. put it to full cool, 95* day with my 410 gauges connected. this system has a service port on both liquid and gas. my temps are, ambient 95* suction 40* liquid 80* and 110* right out of the compressor. my high side gauge is reading 230 psi. and 130 135 psi on the suction. the evap is blowing out at about 45*, the indoor temp is 85*. no short cycle no freezing. all is pointing to a low charge, but everything else seems to be running the way its designed. the system is pre charged to 7.9 pounds and is good for 10-100' line set. im rusty on 410 its been about 2 years since i graduated. ive been reading through my text book, and i just want to make sure that it is most deff a low charge.