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Thread: System charging

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdengineer View Post
    A real tech huh? Like the 8 companies I called to come out and do the initial estimate, and all but 2 wouldn't do or didn't know what a manual-J was? Or like the company that just installed my neighbors unit and vented the entire system to the atmosphere?

    Thanks for adding meaningful information to the thread.. I didn't know the title of this forum was "You're not allowed to know, now go away".
    I've said it before and I'll say it again.........

    Oh yeah, and I never said everyone in HVAC are "professional".

    You can log your findings all you want. All your going to find is that everytime you checked your own pressures, you lost refrigerant. And when the system fails, I highly doubt the tech that comes out will want to see your pressure log. That tell us nothing other than the compressor was pumping.

    You want to start a log, go ahead. But personally, I wouldn't use a HO logbook when I go to diagnose a problem. Thats just me.

    Oh and I've been trying to get the forum name changed to "We know it all.....and don't you forget it!!!"
    I fully support the military and the War on Terrorism.

    If you don't know, then don't do. If you don't know and still do, then be prepared to pay someone else a lot to undo what you did and then do it right.

    If you do know, then do. But do it right. Otherwise, you may not be doing it long.

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    mabee it was not overcharged to start with

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    Quote Originally Posted by DPSwitch View Post
    Oh md.

    If you are going to check those pressures yourself. Do yourself a favor and don't use standard charging hoses.

    Get yourself some little stubby gauge connectors or the little short 5" or 6" hoses.

    Every time you put the gauges on you are taking refrigerant out of the system, especially on your liquid line. Lose a hose full of liquid on several checks and it adds up.

    Since you arent adding or taking away, you dont need to use a manifold.
    Good points. Do you have any sources for the short hoses? The shortest I've been able to find is 36". PM is okay if we aren't allowed to post links on the forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by catmanacman View Post
    mabee it was not overcharged to start with
    That did cross my mind. I don't have any measurements from the winter, so I'm hoping once the system is at the proper level for cooling I'll be able to check this coming winter to see if it actually was out of spec.

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