Finally got some time to do some PM on my system for the summer. Washed/cleaned outside coil, checked inside coil, replaced air filter, and checked insulation on the suction tube.

I just checked pressures and temps after letting the unit run for a good 10-15minutes, and here is what I have:

liquid pressure: 150psi
liquid line temp (at outside unit): 84degrees
Suction pressure: 60psi (varied between 58-60)

Now, the system at my house is a bit of a frankenstien. The outdoor unit is a Frigidaire FT3BD, the air handler is a frigidaire B5BM. None of Nordyne's literature mentions these two together, and the FT3BD charging graphs do not have any data for an indoor TXV. So what I did was take the charging graph from their FT5BD literature (which uses the same ZRK3 compressor), which does have a graph for TXV charging, and used that. I attached the graph.

It appears the system is about 25psi low. I also measured temperatures at the air inlet and outlet of the air handler. Incoming is 75degrees and out is 64 degrees. System is cooling fine, but I wanted to make sure it is working at peak efficiency.

Just wanted to get some opinions here before I call to get it charged!