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    Living room too hot

    hello experts,

    I had a system installed last year. It is a 4 ton! Bryant Evolution package unit.

    BTW, it is not zoned and I don't have an Evolution control, but this is another topic I should start about the contractor....

    Anyways, to get back to the point, I know the system is probably oversized for my 1200 sq ft home, (I plan to add on) but yet my living room is not adequately cooled. Alll of the rooms seem to get the same amount of air which seems kind of nuts, since the living room is twice as big as most rooms.

    I couldn't get the orig contractor to do anything about it, so I am going to get another contractor to look at it and give an opinion; meanwhile I thought I'd check with you guys. BTW, this second guy is not a Bryant guy; should I just start with a Bryant expert because of the Evolution (assuming specialized knowledge would help)


    Thanks in advance,

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    Did you opt out of the Evolution control, or did the contractor skip out on installing it? Seems a waste to have a system with the control capabilities of the Evolution/Infinity and then hamstring it by a lesser control.

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    Contractor didn't offer it. Seems odd.

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    IMO I'd try and get another Bryant dealer in to help solve your problem. At least that way when you need service or warranty you have someone that knows the equipment and should have anything you'd need on the truck with them.
    Seriously think about changing up to the evolution control.
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    Quick, somebody check the static on it.
    Contractor locator map


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    infinity/evolution controls are designed for your system. call a carrier or bryant dealer to tweak your system. that may not do anything for your hot spots ,but its the place to start.
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    Wow !!!! No Infinity controller with the new equipment, My installer told me flat out that he would not sell the Infinity furnace if I did not get the Infinity controller installed with the furnace !!! Is your house not insulated that you needed a 4 ton unit for 1200 sq ft. ? I have just under 1500 sq ft. 2 story and have a 2 ton AC, just seems to be a bit much for the size home you are saying you have unless you meant to say 2200 sq ft. Oh and have someone do a load calc for your home or download the program here from this site and do it yourself for a nomial fee.

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