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    Carrier Infinity system and size

    Hi - We're getting bids to replace our 19 year old AC and furnace. We have two systems - both RUUD. They still run fine but our bills are outrageous. So, we are looking to replace with more energy efficient models. We've got 3 bids. Two were for the Carrier Infinity and one recomends Amana or Ruud.

    The Amana guy was pushing a 13 SEER with R22 and we suspect he's just trying to get rid of his company's inventory. We liked the Inifinity better but still educating ourselves.

    Sears price was outrageous for this install. The other company's bid seemed reasonable. We're in California - East Bay about 30 miles east of Oakland.

    We're trying to find out what people think of the Carrier Infinity. Some of what I've read says Carrier has lots of problems. But, others love it.

    No one has done a manual J calc. We'll make sure they do. They've all recomended different size. 1) 5 ton with 2 ton 2) 4 ton with 2 ton 3) 4 ton with 3 ton. I'm not really sure what we currently have (not original owners).

    The house is ~3350 sq feet, 4 large skylights, lots of windows on north/south exposure. Two french doors on East Exposure and only one small window on the West. (West is master bath and garage).

    would love your input on the Carrier Infinity. Also, thoughts on the size and price?

    Best bid: 5 ton Infinity 95% ICS furnace with Infinity 17 AC plus second identical system in 2 ton. Both systems with Infinity Air Purifier, UV Light cleaner and Humidifier. $x(before rebates of which there would be $x total bringing it down to $x). (Sears wanted $x for the same system in 4 ton and 2 ton but the Sears price didn't include the air purifier, UV lights or the humidifier).

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    Get prices on 410a not r22

    search google you will find out r22 will stop production no more r22
    And it went from $xx A 30 lb drum to now $ xxx
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    Use the search function on this site,Infinity,and see what other homeowners think of their Infinity.

    Really a great system,we sell a lot of them and many are based on referals from Infinity owners.

    Ask about "tin plated" indoors coils,as they will last longer.

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    The only real problems with the Infinity system are those caused by them being incorrectly installed on to small of ductwork.

    With the varying quotes you're getting on sizing and the concern that you are stating in your post you should request that anyone quoting the job provide proof that they did a manual J and also assurances that they verified the existing ductwork will not cause issues with the new systems.
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    If you get a quailified installer to install a Infinity equipment I have no doubts that you will love this furnace, I have one that was installed about 4 months ago and love it. My next move is to have the Hybrid heat to complete the system but will have to wait until the old AC get's alittle closer to the end of it's operating life

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    The ductwork is key to receive the full value of any system. The Infinity can compensate to a limited extend, but it uses more energy which defeats the purpose of improved SEER. One of our customers reports the old systems would make her a little uncomfortable and then turn on. Now the Infinity comes on before discomfort occurs.

    Because homes have standard openings, the 4 and even more the 5 ton systems of all manufactures I have checked into are made more squashed and less likely to have the best effiecency. There is one furnace that can deliver a SEER rise but we took out of our price book because none of our customers have a large enough doorway.

    If you want to be able to afford and enjoy the rework, ask for the manual J heat/cooling load, ARI ratings and a garuntee the duct work will not exceed the heater manufacture's max external static pressure.

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