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Thread: Payne system

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    Payne system

    My 2-story 2500 sq.ft house has a 10 yr old Carrier AC/Heating system (outside condenser unit: Model 38YC060, and Inside air handler unit: Model: FA4ANF060; 5 Tons; 10.2 SEER) which controls both first and second floors with one thermostat located on the second floor. The system seems to have a multi-stage Heat Pump. I plan on replacing both systems and an estimate suggested going with a Payne condenser and air handler both with 5 Tons and 13 SEER. Understanding that Payne is made by Carrier, is this a recommended upgrade path? Any thoughts or experiences about Payne systems?

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    Payne today is about what you old system was ,10years ago.

    Where's the multistage heat pump?

    On system or two in your home?

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    Yea, Payne is a pretty cheaply built unit and really is the old YC design. If budget doesn't allow for better equipment, if installed properly it will do OK. Around here it is sold to the public and other unqualifieds so be sure you have a good dealer. Or spend a bit more and go with a high end product. Better construction, quieter, compressor protection etc.

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    Does line diameter matters with R410A?

    I'm not an HVAC expert but a recommendation was made to replace my system with the following:

    Payne 5.0 Ton 14 SEER Heat Pump Model PA4ANG060 (R410A)
    Payne 5.0 Ton Air Handler Model PF4MNA061T00 (R410A)

    I was told that if my current system (R22) has line diameters of approx 7/8 and , that I would have to upgrade the entire line infrastructure to something larger like 1 1/8" in order to install the above 410a-based system properly and make it "efficient" per manufacturer installation guidelines. Is this a correct statement?

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    Depends on what the manufacturer specifications call for for the lineset size.

    Payne is an okay system (most brands are if installed properly) but certainly not up to par with some of the other higher-end systems out there (which may not be in your budget). They're more of a builder line of equipment, but properly installed they should do fine. What is the warranty like for the Payne equipment? I think it may be a 10-year limited warranty as advertised on their website. That setup is an ARI-rated match.

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