I have to say I feel sorry for you because I feel you were in a way taken advantage of due to your incapacity of being in a wheel chair and unable to look the job over prior to final payment, also these installers are not someone you would want to call back just because they probably will take advantage of you in the future knowing your unable to look things over before they can leave your home, IMO they didn't treat this install as if it was there own home they were working on and did things the fast and easy way where if this was done in there home they definately would not have run this lineset that way in there family room !!!!! I would atleast call them back and ask them to work with you and see if there willing to move the lineset so it is not in the open like it is now, Atleast they may be able to find something to cover the lineset where it is now so atleast it is out of site and now in plain view. Good Luck !!!