I had a new central a/c installed yesterday and because I am disabled I was unable to check what the installers were doing. I am concerned about the placement of the Refrigerant lines though the company I used is well respected and should know what they are doing.

The lines from my old A/C could not be used because the new unit has R410A refrigerant and the old unit was installed in 1987. The new lines were run into the basement between a window and a large heating duct and run along the heating duct to the furnace. The vent for the heating duct is directly below the lines and will blow hot air onto the lines and their insulation during the winter. As hot air rises I have no doubt they will receive a hot blast from the furnace when it is on. I think it is possible that the installers and salesman mistook the heating duct for a cold air duct as it is as large as a cold air duct.

My question is whether this placement will affect the refrigerant lines in any negative way. If so, how do you think I should deal with this problem?