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I would have a leak test done the company i work for also waves the leak test fee if u bought a new system from us. I would want to know wher the leak is 90% of the time the leak is in the indoor coil. as for equipment, 13 seer or higher and make sure if u do go with a whole new 13 seer system that they add a txv valve not a fixed orfice. running a fixed orfice will only get u about 11 seer on a 13 seer system.

A fully matched 13 seer system, even with a fixed orifice, will indeed give you a 13 seer rating. My equipment will actually reach over 14 seer without the addition of a TVX.

That being said, a TXV is a good thing, add in a variable speed motor and we are now starting to get comfy!