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    Unhappy AC down (loss of refrigerant)... need advice

    Hi! I have a problem with my AC at home and need some advice...

    The unit is about twelve years old but the compressor was replaced at one point (at least five years ago). It's a 10 SEER Carrier system installed by the home builder.

    The unit was not cooling when we went to use it this summer. We had someone come out and they said that it had no refrigerant. They surmised that it most likely had a leak in the condenser unit and recommended replacement.

    Right now I'm sitting with a few options... replace the condenser without verifying where the problem is with a leak check, have a leak check and go from there or replace both the condenser and the coil with a new 13 SEER unit.

    A number of people have told me that most often leaks are in the condenser and cannot be repaired. That's why I'm waffling on the leak check. However, if it's not the condenser and I go with the replacement I'll be hosed.

    Can anyone with experience in these situations offer some advice?

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