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    i don't think it took me that long to build a return plenum with a filter rack for the counterflow we did today.............

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    Quote Originally Posted by andserco View Post
    The old man whom I started with almost 30 years ago, if I would have been using a marker on the sheetmetal(thats what awls are for) and would have not clipped the corners-He would have hit me upside the head with that piece........

    I guess if you have to field fab something Magic Marker is ok.

    The old codger who taught me didn't have patiance for BS either.

    when I screwed something up he'd stab the scratch awl between my fingers.
    Lucky for me this guy had a precision eye. But that was what the lesson was about, if he hadn't had a good eye he would never have pulled that stunt.

    Shesh..everybody who's somebody in sheet metal had a "Mr. Miagai" type instructor.

    I got good at metal , but not like my old mentor.

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    I counted 25 cuts with the sheers for that little piece of metal.he is gonna be tired

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    I like those shears.
    I think I am going to get some for my key chain.
    I wish I was quick enough to see the stuff that gets pulled off before it gets pulled off. I am missing out.
    If at first you don't succeed; charge, charge, charge again.

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