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    what to look for in new replacement hvac

    I have a original Lennox heater and condenser. They are both as old as our home which is 1976. They are both still working. The condensor has always been undersized for the house. 3 ton says 2 1/2 ton working as a 3 ton. It has been such good quality I don't know what brand to get as Lennox now is one of the most expensive. How Do i know what to replace with. Someone said American Standard 13 seer would be better than what I have. Any suggestions????

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    American Standard isn't known as a cheap unit either.

    So are you saying you want a cheap unit that only last 5 or 10 years.

    If your looking to save money upfront. Don't get prices for the higher SEER units.
    Get prices on 13 SEER builder/contractor grade units. Which is what your current units probably are anyway.
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    >>The condensor has always been undersized for the house.

    Please say just how do you know this? Probably seems obvious to you, but I wonder if that is the only explanation for poor performance (pls keep in mind I am a homeowner while Beenthere and others are very helpful pros).

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    I would look for a good installer(s)

    then go from there.

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    In response to the size of the condenser, when we first moved in the Lennox company told me, the stats on it. Our home was 1500 sq feet and then we added 225 sq feet more so it is really pushing it. As far as American standard I never knew that they even made air or heat units, I have really just heard of Carrier, Lennox and Bryant.

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    which local outfit kept your lennox running for 32 years? they must be doing something right. call them and ask their opinion. the install is more important than the brand. amstan is made by trane. its very good equipment, but as beenthere said ,its not cheap. these days cheap isn't common. copper aluminum etc are at premium,fuel to ship, labor to install ,all the highest its ever been.
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