I have a Trane TTB748A100A0 condenser and BLU135E94881 air handler/furnace. My concern is that I have about 1800 sq ft of cooling space(small home being used as office/commercial) , 9 ceiling outlets in my dropped ceiling and my cooling capacity isn't very good in the hot Florida weather. The first thing that strikes me is that the airflow from the outlets is very slow. In my home, when the AC kicks on, I can hear the rush of the air and feel it across the room from my ceiling outlets. Here at work, you need to put your hand about 2" away from the outlet to feel it. Air enters at 70 degF, leaves at 60 DegF. I have a 3 speed blower and it is set on the highest speed. I tried substituting a higher speed blower motor, ran 50% faster RPM but this really didn't do much. I realize it's a 20+ year old system and my building could be insulated better but it seems like it should cool better than it is.