Need some advice please. I need to replace a 12 year old 12 seer air conditioner because it loss Freon due to an evaporator leak over the winter. It froze was recharged and is working. It will probably leak slowly or when winter comes leak out about 3 to 4 pounds like it apparently did this last off season. The unit is York along with a 12 year old 80% York furnace.

I don’t want to spend the huge expense to replace the coil on a 12 year old unit. I don’t think that would be wise. I am trying to decide if I should spend money and purchase an air conditioner or if I should replace the whole system with a Carrier infinity hybrid system. Just replacing the air condition is 40% of replacing with the 19 seer heat pump and an ICS 95% furnace.

I have had several contractors tell me because of the age and these being builder models I should do the entire system. I narrowed it down to 2 dealers regardless if I do just air or the entire system. Both dealers measured the rooms and looked at everything. One says I should go with the 120000 ICS furnace 19 seer heat pump (He calculated at his place and then sent me the information) and the other says I should go with the 80,000 ICS furnace and 19 seer heat pump (he calculated on his laptop in my home and told me while he was here). I cannot understand why such a difference. The original contractor which I ruled out who put the builder’s model in says 90000 BTU and air conditioner.
If I go with the 120000 will I being doing overkill and wasting efficiency or will I just have extra capacity. This builder is also $500 dollars less then the other. I am 63 years old and do want to stay here as long as I can afford the house. I got a gut feeling that the second contractor understands more (80000 model) and is probably correct but don’t know for sure. They both seem like they are good and honest.

I don’t have a lot of money but I am thinking the Hybrid system will save me a lot of money on my energy bills in the future. However my bills now are for both electric and gas (2 different companies, PECO & PP&L) are roughly $3100 dollars a year. The house is 2 story and approximately 2800 Square feet plus an unfinished basement.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks