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    Grilled my first steaks with hickory wood this afternoon very good. Home grown ribeyes.

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    The best steak is the one that is NOT left on the plate after everyone eat.

    I like New York Strip, and Porterhouse.
    The secret to a good steak is leave spices off, only black pepper & salt.
    Cook for about 7 minutes per side and after it's cooked let it REST for 5 minutes before;you begin to eat.

    I will eat just about any cut of steak as long as it's not over cooked or red raw.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy Schoen View Post
    Or perhaps: das ist schφn
    rib eye isthe best with Tbone a close 2nd

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    Usually a dilemma. The best flavor are the toughest. I find the best quality are when beef's on sale.
    I guess it depends on what's cooking.
    For a steak I guess t-bone, ribeye.
    Along with marbling a nice ring of white fat. Cut little slits before cooking and the steak won't curl. I only use oil, salt and pepper. But my best secret is my wife. She's disciplined. So she cooks. Using a thermometer and a watch she will babysit the food just right.
    Reason is I would hardly ever eat steak. Too much work to eat. That's when I discovered that I'm the saucea and she's the grill person. I look forward to them now.

    I think Spots said once to never freeze beef if you can help it. I agree. Something negative happens.

    For grilled food I like something a little informal like a Shiraz or even a Zinni.
    I should have played the g'tar on the MTV. MK

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    Quote Originally Posted by hvacker View Post

    I think Spots said once to never freeze beef if you can help it. I agree. Something negative happens.
    Same thought here as well on freezing meat it kinda wrecks the flavor but it's frozen to prevent bacteria growth. If it's USDA inspected its been slaughtered, aged, frozen then cut. If we switch to radiation it can just

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    My farther sold meat by the train load When I buy I look for first cut rib or shell or a good skirt steak I do not like filet. If the meat is not top quality it is better to roast it. The thing about porterhouse which you should know.The porterhouse is cut from the loin.The first cut of loin has no filet,the filet gets larger by the 2nd and end cut. So when you buy a porterhouse with a large filet you do it at the expence of the shell portion

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    t-bone that bone adds flavor.

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