Hi guys, the input I got here prompted me to go with a 2 stage Infinity system 3 years ago as a replacement. Now my other Carrier which is 14 years old, a "Tech 2000" with a VS handler has a cracked internal drain pan. I've been having my unit inspected twice a year, recently a month ago and I'm a little dissed because I think the tech should have seen some signs of wear. What's worse the water spilled over to the secondary drain (which also has a small crack) filled up to the brim and did not trip the float switch I had installed 3 years ago. Luckily we were at home to catch it.

To come to my question, should I fix or pay 10 times as much to get a new Carrier Infinity like my 3 year old one, with which I'm very pleased? I know we are not supposed to talk prices but can one of you Pros tell me whether there has been a large price increase on the Infinity since 05. Thanks again