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    Condenser: 2TTR3030A1
    Furnace: TUD080R9V3K
    Coil: TE47436C175B2922AP
    Don't see a matchup with this particular combo on ARI directory so can't tell you exact efficiencies...

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    just found this searching for something else.

    Are you guys kidding me?? That coil all goooped up looks horrible, can`t use a finger to smooth it at least.. or be careful enough to spill PVC primer on a brand new furnace.. or torch a new coil.. way to use a cheaper ADP coil instead of a matching Coil too. And putting one of those cheap foam filled ac pads on 4 bricks? That`s gonna crack in about a year If that`s an average install then we need to raise the bar

    Man if I posted that in The Hall of Pride you`d rip me a new one 30 pages long
    Sorry - yesterday was the deadline for all complaints.

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