Sent out to an Apartment complex today on a no cooling call. Found the compressor not running. The unit is a goodman CPKE24-1AB and is a less than 1 year old (heat pump). Checked voltage, capacitor and all wiring. Good. Checked for open winding. Everything good. Compress warm to touch, it is trying to start. Added a super boost to it, and no luck, still won't start. Put gages on the system and head pressure was a 200, with compressor off. Suction in the retard area. I figure high pressure while off, preventing the compressor from starting, possible overcharge. De-energized the RV and the pressures dropped to 150. Re-energized the valve and the compressor came on. Operated for about 10 minutes, Hi side pressure at 240psig, suction at 70psig. 17 Degrees SH, IDT=76, ODT= 88. The metering device's are pistons (possible cap tube on air handler). The indoor Air Handler is a Singer, est. age at 30+. Liquid line is 1/4" , suction line is 5/8". TD across the coil is 18 degrees. Cooling ok. From talking to the apartment maintenance guy, he said the unit was put in back in December of last year. Heating worked fine.

When the unit shuts off, pressures go down to 200psig, when a call for cooling comes on, the compressor will not start.

I know the systems don't match, and the lines are not correct, the idiots who built them encased the line sets in concret in the slab, I guess they expected them to last forever. Anyone come across this before? Any ideas ?
Kinda hot right now here in the south, would like to get them cooling asap!