when reading the manual that came with my furnace it says, "location of vent to inside corner,6" min, recomend 10" from corner"

Is this right ?? My vent goes out the back of my house facing South with 2" PVC and a 45 pointing down. It is about 38" away from an inside corner that is my Florida room wall.

In other words the vent comes out the garage wall siding and perpindicular to the garage wall is my Florida room wall that sticks out 12ft.

So if you measured from the inside of the corner that the Florida room creates where it comes off the main house wall the vent is about 38" away from that corner.

Again acording to my manual it can be as close as 6" is that right ????

Also it is only like a foot from my garage door.

Every installer that priced me was going out the same place so I assume its ok ?

Please only respond IF you know for sure,'

Thank you