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    Would have to calculate the gpm using pump specs. Maybe I work backwards by pressure drop. I don't have pressure readings at the chiller, but the supply lines are 2" and at the main pumps i have about 10 psi differential, but most of that is not induced by the chiller of course, but I think that is maybe what the chiller 'sees'.

    I could slow it down actually by dropping out one of the pumps. That more or less halves the pressure differential. I run at 35 psi static pressure so it cirulates well to upper floors and I think I could probably get away with running just one pump. I'm going to cycle it with one on this morning and note difference in TD (which turns out to be to be a synthesis of refrigerant exit and water entry temps).

    More to the point, Andy...anyone, what is best way to clean a sludged chiller in situ?

    This is drained annually. Runs out reasonably clean, but of course the drain only empties at one end of the chiller. I can flush it. Access to plenty of hot water. I have a couple outlets that I can run hot water into, including reversing and sending water back in the drain and out the top of the chiller. I could inject cleaning or descaling treatment anyone recommends...


    There is exceptions to every rule but generally the systems are set up to run only one pump with the second as backup.

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    Good read.
    Ran into a retro-fitted compressor [4 ton capacity] on a 2 ton Carrier RTU today that exhibited similar symptoms as were mentioned here.
    Fixed orifice [I believe]
    63 lbs back pressure, suction line @ saturation. 350 lbs head with 12 degree's sub cool. 75 degree space 80 degree OAT. Cleaned evap/condenser/Indoor blower with nitrogen before calling in the numbers.
    Having a terrible time grasping the science on this one, with a fixed orifice.

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